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Weighted Blankets May Boost the Comfort of a Good Mattress

We’re always interested in learning about new tactics that people are employing to improve the quality of their sleep. Of course, we’ve already discussed some of the well-worn tactics in several posts at this blog, not the least of which is improving the quality of your mattress. But it stands to reason that complementary techniques and products will emerge from time to time, often in line with new research.

Marie Claire recently published an article detailing both the entrepreneurial investment and the scientific evidence supporting the use of weighted blankets as a treatment for not only insomnia but also anxiety and stress.* The article seems particularly timely in light of our last post, which discussed the mutual effects of sleep deprivation on mood disorders like anxiety and depression.

At its most basic, the idea behind weighted blankets is that they are supposed to emulate the feeling of being swaddled as a baby, thereby triggering a psychological sense of comfort that makes it easier to fall asleep, stay asleep, and let go of lingering worries. It’s a pleasantly simple concept, and one that we think is worthy of more investigation. It also reaffirms a notion that we try to emphasize here at Everlay: that sleep problems may be multifaceted, but the biggest factor in sleep quality is still simple comfort.

We guarantee the effectiveness of Everlay mattresses and pillows entirely on their own. In fact, as you may know, we back that guarantee up with a 100-night, risk free trial period. But for people who have the means, it couldn’t hurt to try to supplement your new mattress with a weighted blanket or any other fancy product that supposedly adds to sleep quality. As long as you’re not on the hook for the cost if your new mattress doesn’t work, you may as well get the most out of it right off the bat.

But similar advice applies even if you’re doing things the other way around. If you’re at the point of trying to improve your sleep with a weighted blanket, why not upgrade your mattress at the same time, to get the full effect. After all, it’s easy to imagine how a weighted blanket could make you feel even more comfortable if it’s pressing you down into two inches of comfort foam, two inches of gel memory foam, and six inches of swaddling core support. But it’s difficult to imagine a new blanket doing you much good if you’re just adding it on top of the same lumpy, poorly insulated, or unsupportive mattress.

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